Aimee Hall – Managing Director

TLS Marketing - Aimee Hall

Aimee´s expertise is in insightful strategic thinking, effective problem solving and an ​strong understanding of people – be they the staff, clients or desired clients of your business. These traits are a force to be reckoned with when used to achieve your local area marketing goals because Aimee is sincerely committed to helping your business excel.

With a wealth of experience spanning careers as a diplomat representing the Australian Government in the Asia-Pacific region, management consultant for a top-tier global firm and chief operations officer for a digital news corporation in the Middle East, Aimee´s key pursuit has always been people, entities and supporting them to achieve their goals.

Aimee is keenly focused on delivering excellent customer service, embedding deep relationships that add value to you – the client – and relentlessly delivering results that make your business thrive.

Aimee has a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of International Relations.

Tammie Gaston – Marketing Consultant

TLS Marketing - Tammie Gaston

Time management, efficiency and deep analysis are Tammie’s key strengths in enabling her to produce sound marketing and advertising solutions.

In 2016 Tammie joined the TLS team, bringing with her over 16 years’ experience in the Media and Marketing arena across varying industries including Government, Real Estate, Transport, Tourism and Not for Profit. For the past 12 years Tammie has gained invaluable skills in high profile and fast-paced media agencies working with clients such as UQ, TAFE, PPQ, Volvo Commercial Group and Australia Zoo. Working on such a variety of clients has given her expert knowledge on all media channels (both locally and nationally) allowing her to formulate solid strategic direction and analysis for clients campaigns.

Tammie has a Bachelor of Business Communication (Advertising), an Associate Diploma in Business Marketing and a Diploma of Creative Advertising and Copywriting.

Matt Canty – Digital Consultant

Matt Canty is a digital marketing professional with over 6 years agency experience with a passion for technical SEO, SEM & Analytics. Creating effective digital strategies for forward thinking companies with a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings.

Matt has experience working with clients in almost every niche and has worked on every possible variety of website including: startups, small businesses, medium size businesses & large enterprise websites.

“SEO isn’t just about Search Engines. It’s about making your site better for visitors overall with a focus on conversions. Both on page and off page aspects are so important”

Tracey Hazlewood- Digital Consultant

Tracey has been in marketing for over ten years, starting out in shopping centre management in Auckland, New Zealand, working with a mix of “mum & pop” business as well as large chain stores.

Tracey has worked extensively with Google and Facebook advertising to deliver outstanding results for her clients as a Marketing specialist. Her experience spans retail, e-commerce and lead generation with her focus on data-driven analysis and strategies to gain the best outcomes.

Tracey has a passion for digital advertising and continues to deliver results every time.

Denzel Cabilangan – Graphic Designer

Denzel is a creative designer who produces fresh and unique designs and is up-to-date with the latest trends. He delivers quality creatives with a specialisation in logos and branding, web design, packaging and labels, promotional pieces and digital marketing.

Denzel’s strong technical design skills and creative thinking make him an asset to the TLS team and to our clients.

Denzel holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and has experience in the Information Technology field, and in the Creative Industries.

Alex Hunt – Graphic Designer

TLS Marketing - Alex Hunt

Alex Hunt is an experienced and intuitive photographer who has worked extensively for several brands, websites and book publishers in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. Her eye for detail and ability to realise a client’s brief, through the mediums of both photography and design, means that she is a favourite of many companies and individuals who wish to showcase their work.

She holds a BA in photography and a Diploma in Graphic Design, and has a keen interest in food photography, portrait, sports and dance imagery.

Vanessa Lyle – Business Manager

Vanessa is an experienced accountant who has lived and worked in 3 countries: South Africa, the United Kingdom and (now her permanent home) Australia. She obtained her Bachelor of Accounting Science in 1996 while doing her Accounting Articles with Deloitte and Touche.

She has been employed in a wide variety of sectors including Public Practice, Health, Multi-national Retail, Finance and Banking and in the Public Sector where she gained experience in the construction industry and education.

She has a keen interest in data and information analysis and enjoys problem solving and finding more efficient ways of doing things.

Camille Atienza – Administrator

TLS Marketing - Camille Atienza

Camille graduated from the University of the Philippines and received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts degree in 2013. She has working experience in the fields of administration, marketing, and public relations.

She is a versatile worker and she always makes sure to find her way around things unaided. She also looks forward to pursuing a writing career in the future.

Amelia Romaniuk – Marketing Consultant

Amelia joined the TLS team as a Marketing Consultant in 2021 bringing with her a wealth of creative ideas and knowledge. Amelia holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New South Wales where she studied art, design, communications and international relations. She has been employed in a variety of sectors including the arts, fashion, hospitality, media and healthcare industries where she worked for large organisations such as Nine Entertainment, Shangri-La Hotels, Sydney Contemporary and Maven Dental. Amelia has a keen interest in digital media marketing with focus on social media strategy and content creation.

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