Australian Spam Laws Series

If your inbox is like ours, full of emails from companies pitching their services,  you may be wondering if they are aware they are contravening the Australian Spam Laws.  Unfortunately, overseas companies can pretty much do what they want, as there is nothing the Australian regulators can do to stop them because they are outside the jurisdiction of our laws.

Mailing Lists can be the Kiss of Death to your Marketing

The conundrum is that most Australian business owners would also like to at least send out an introductory email to potential customers and raise awareness for their business, products and services.  Unfortunately, as an Australian business, they could end up with hefty fines for doing this.  Most businesses, at some point realise they need a list of a specific group of people to bulk email, and they need that list fast, and if they can get the contacts pretty cheap, that would be great too.

There are of course thousands of businesses selling these bulk email marketing lists, and most are only a credit card swipe away. But this could be the kiss of death to your email marketing and your business.

Types of Email Lists

For many businesses that want to run an email marketing campaign there are three options:

  1. Buy an email list – There are several sustainable ways to use email marketing to grow your business. This is not one of them.
  2. Rent an email list – A provider gives you limited access to their list, or they send your email to their list for you.  Either way, you do not own the list, and so have no knowledge of the origin of the list, what laws you are breaking or the marketing results from that campaign.
  3. Own an opt-in email list – Contacts voluntarily give you their email address so you can send them emails, and are built on a relationship of trust, interest and value. This is the ideal way to start off your email marketing campaign.
Bulk email lists

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Email Lists?

  1. You’ll violate the Spam Act and GDPR rules of consent.
  2. Reputable email marketing services don’t let you send to lists you’ve bought.
  3. The best email marketing lists are not for sale.
  4. You have no relationship with the people on purchased or rented contact lists.
  5. You are risking your email deliverability and IP reputation.
  6. Those contacts are on a list that gets sold for profit. Of course they think you are annoying!
  7. Your domain and email service provider can penalize you.

Master Rule #1

Don’t buy bulk mailing lists to send email marketing to unsuspecting contacts offering your products and services.

If you have any doubts about complying with this rule, then you probably should not be running any email campaigns yourself. TLS Marketing offers both B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) email marketing solutions, and full copywriting services for newsletters. So get in touch, and read our next blog in this Australian Spam Laws Series  What you need to know to comply with Australian Spam Laws”  for master rule #2 and #3.

Have any questions or need a hand? Get in contact with us today and one of our email marketing consultants will get in touch.

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